Monday, May 19, 2014

Giveaways Ending May 19, 2014

Free Sweepstakes

Here are the giveaways that end tonight. I know I haven't had as much time to give you more giveaways as I would like, but my hands are pretty full these days with Carter and to tell the truth, I love spending the time with my grandson! LOL He is a great little boy. He wants to play and right now, Grandma is his playmate :) It's all fun. Remember to go to Sweepstakes Advantage and check out their listings. That will give you your best chance to win. Consider my listing a warm-up. I create this list myself and I am not sure where else you will find these. But then head to Sweepstakes Advantage and go through their list and choose the ones that you want to enter! Best of luck to you!