Hardball with Keanu Reeves and Diane Lane

Since we have dropped cable, I tend to mostly watch things on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I will also use my Amazon Prime TV Stick and watch the live African safaris from Wild Earth TV. They are excellent.

Sometimes I watch new shows and movies and sometimes I catch some of the older movies. Today was a chill day and I just watched Hardball with my daughter, Heather. Keanu Reeves plays this guy who is definitely more into gambling, drinking and scalping tickets than little league baseball, but as a condition of a loan from a friend, he agrees to coach a team. It is inspiring to watch. This should definitely be on your watch list.

Right now, it is currently on Netflix, as part of your membership, but as their list of movies is constantly updating, you can also catch it on Amazon Prime. It isn't available for free, but it is available to Rent or Purchase. While quite a few of our movies are on DVD, we have found it so much more convenient to purchase the digital copy. No matter where we are, as long as we have WiFi, we have access to the movies and shows that we have in our library! And no more finding room for any more DVDs! LOL

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