Madiba with James Hendry via WildEarth.TV September 3, 2015 Sunset Drive

Carter and I love watching the Live Safaris from WildEarth.TV. These guides and photographers are fantastic. I am sorry that I can't remember who was the photographer today, I will be better in the future. The safaris are twice a day. Their sunrise safari starts at 12:30 am (EDT) and their sunset safari starts at 9:30 am (EDT). The safaris last for about 3 hours. There are times that they do have technical difficulties, but they are pretty much out in the bush and they do keep these problems well at hand for the most part.

I usually can be found on their UStream feed. I have made many wonderful friends there and if you want to chat with us, come on and visit! If you visit at other times of the day, you will see the highlights from that day's drives. It's very cool.

Now, to share some of the wonderful screen shots that I got of Matiba! He was so peaceful, although I do think he misses his Mom, Shadow, but we didn't see her today. She is busy trying to work on the next baby! For a while he got very excited, seemed like he was about to go on a hunt, but then seemed to think better of it and just chilled out again! LOL

Please note: The guide is James Hendry - Sorry - I did this wrong on the pics! That will try to teach me to rush during nap time! LOL Sorry James!

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