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Time is Just Passing By

I know they say that time heals all wounds. I know I am moving through my life now, but I really am having a hard time remembering what is going on about me. My girls and I love the Kathy Mattea, Time Passes By CD, and I have used one of her songs here to share some photos of my precious baby.

Heather cared deeply about everyone she met. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. The hardest part about this is that she herself was hurting so badly. My other two daughters, Carol and Amy, along with myself, want to help keep Heather alive with us and continue all the good she has done.

We have set up a Memorial Fund for Heather, to help many others, that they won't know this pain in their own lives. While we understand that not everyone is in a condition to give financially, we also ask that you share her story. (Click here or at the link at the bottom of the post.) I know that my angel, Heather, is going to smile down on each and every one of us that helps to share her story. She …

RIP Heather

Rest in Peace Heather Suzanne Crespo July 16, 1993 - October 26, 2015
My beautiful daughter, Heather Suzanne Crespo, was only 22 years old. She left so many of us behind. She truly touched everyone's lives who were lucky enough to meet her.The hardest thing right now is the question everyone is asking and the one I really don't know the answer to. Why is she now gone from our lives? She isn't with us anymore because she gave too much of her heart and soul.

When comedian Robin Williams passed away, the world truly felt his loss, A lot of us learned so much from him during his lifetime. He made us laugh and forget our problems for a while. We learned even more after. Depression is very real and sometimes the ones that feel it the most, strive their hardest to ease the depression of everyone around them. They know what it feels to hurt and they try their best to make sure that others stop feeling that. In turn, their hurt just builds until they can't shut it out anymore.