Thanksgiving Has Arrived

Thanksgiving is here and I am not. I guess that sums it up the best. It's actually strange celebrating on Thanksgiving because one of us usually was working in the health care field so we started flex holidays long ago, when my girls were all little. I cooked and carved the turkey last night and made up the spinach dip. We didn't eat it last night, we saved it for today. (Okay, we had little spinach dip sandwiches for dinner but Heather wasn't the only one that loved the spinach dip.)

I think next year we are going to go back to our flex holiday and change things up some. We are going to have dinner the night before. That's when we usually had it so that all of us could eat together. On Thanksgiving, we mostly chill and watch Christmas movies so I think Thanksgiving is going to become appetizer day. It will help us use up some of the leftovers and truly gives us a chance to chill together and have an easier day. On Fridays, we usually start our baking to share with so many of our friends. We can consider that our baking day, because, let's be real, we taste the cookies, etc. as we bake them.

To all our friends, old and new, may your Thanksgiving be full of wonderful blessings to be thankful for. I am so thankful that we had Heather with us for 22 wonderful years. I guess the years were happier for us, but I know she had to have some fun over the years. I am very thankful for Amy, Carol and Carter. They bless me each and every day. I am still thankful for Heather, through our memories, she will be a part of our lives until we see her again in Heaven. I am thankful, for you, our friends, for being a part of our lives and helping us through this. I am thankful for the ones that couldn't talk with us after this happened, as we understand that you didn't know what to say and that you knew how much all of us will feel the loss of Heather.

I am thankful for the military personnel that are working today to help protect our freedoms, so that we may spend the time with those that we love. I am thankful for those working to help others enjoy theirs, whether it be at a nursing home, a hospital, a group home - so many places to name that it is impossible. Thank you. For those in the police force, the fire department and the emergency personnel, thank you. We know many of you will miss your Thanksgiving being out on a call.

Be thankful for your loved ones, the ones near you, the ones far away, and the ones that are watching us from Heaven. May your thanksgiving be filled with love.


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