The Polar Express Train Ride Should Be Taken By All

If you want a good family night out, you want to be sure to check out the Polar Express Train Ride. They have various train rides throughout the year, so be sure to click here and check out their link. We are lucky to have such a good friend, Robyn Coe-Donaldson, that got us our tickets. Carter actually talked to Santa! Yay!

My friend, Robyn, sits on the board of the McWane Ductile Community Advisory Panel (click here to see more about them). Along with the wonderful train ride, we also had a pizza party at the Blessed Hope Church in Phillipsburg, NJ. The entire evening was donated by the McWane Ductile CAP outreach. The board members, which consists of the Mayor of Phillipsburg, residents, lawyers, churches, business owners and educators, are given the privilege of giving away 80 tickets to families that are in need or are currently in special circumstances. The Blessed Hope Church has been very generous to offer their facility for the Pizza Party, as well as many of their members helping out the other CAP members.

They had a little North Pole set-up at the train station. It was very cute, although Carter was much more excited about waiting to go on the big train. Once everyone got settled on the train, the ride began. Many of us were dressed in our Christmas pajamas (per their suggestion) and it really helped get things in the spirit. They started by checking our tickets and serving everyone some hot chocolate and a cookie. While we were enjoying our refreshments, we even had a juggler walking through the train and entertaining us.

What polar express train ride would be complete without a visit from the jolly elf himself, Santa Claus. While Carter was not chosen to be the first to receive a Christmas gift, everyone received a beautiful silver bell, inscribed with Polar Express. I'm sure this is going to go on our tree every year. Santa even walked up and down the aisles and talked to the children. Carter actually went to Santa - Yay - and asked him for a tractor. Santa said me too so I guess even Santa needs a tractor. I hope he gets one although I don't think he wants a smaller power wheels one like Carter wants!

We even had some musical entertainment with a banjo and a ukulele. Every one there had fun and they even had one of the guests help sing the songs. All in all, I highly recommend this trip to everyone and I want to thank all of those again that helped make this a reality for our family. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. It's a memory that will be treasured long into the future!

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