Finally Got Heather's Bookcase Refinished

Heather loved books. She had her favorite authors and she loved the feel and smell of books. I had decided to go digital and she thought I was a traitor to books, but it was just so much easier picking up my tablet and taking it with me. I could carry multiple books and it was no heavier. Who knew I would end up having another collection of books that I would treasure much more than I had my own  books.

As you can see, the original bookcase really was pretty plain and beat up. We didn't want to display her things on it. We had set it up pretty quickly when we had some visitors coming over after the memorial service, but had already decided it would get refinished. I know she loves the end result. We tried to incorporate some of her designs on it. We had originally thought to do more than we did, but we loved it at this state. It truly reminded me of the time that Heather and I got to spend in New Mexico. So, needless to say, this is her new bookcase. Sanded, filled and repainted, with a touch of Heather.

When she comes to visit, she can look through her books and be happy that they are now beautifully displayed. Doing the bookcase was also good therapy for me. Each step along the way was time I valued. I spoke with her through the entire process. I think the bookcase is what made me finally accept that she was gone. I know her spirit is still here, but as a Mom, I still want her spirit to be smiling and I think this put a smile on her face.


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