So You Want to Live in the USA

I really have no problems with people immigrating into the USA. There are rules established that show how it is done, not a mass immigration, a procedure set in place that is there to establish fairness to all that apply. In my opinion, there doesn't need to be all the media attention on illegal aliens going on. If you didn't come through the proper channels, you need to go home. Period. End of discussion.

The first step is that you have to apply, like everyone else, for an Immigrant Visa. There are a few here to choose from, so choose the one that fits your situation best. Please keep in mind that this blog post is my opinions and I will try to send you to reliable sites for all the various steps that you must take. For the most reliable information, your best bet is to start at a government site. The Immigrant Visa Process is probably a great place to start your search. If you are reading this to come to our country, good luck in your quest.

There are many people around the world that want to come live here for one reason or another. There are limits in place for how many come here every year. The numbers are pretty amazing to me. I found out some of the numbers on The American Immigration Council's website. Here, I would like to interject my opinion. I have heard many stories of American Citizen's losing their jobs because they didn't speak a foreign language. I have seen firsthand students graduating from American Public Schools that didn't even speak English. If you want to come here, learn the language. I don't think we should bow to every foreign language.

Years ago, I had looked on moving over to Spain. Now, remember, I have 3 daughters. In order for them to continue going to school, they had an option, know how to speak Spanish fluently, or I could pay for their education at an American School, where they would also be taught Spanish. This wasn't an expense that the Spanish citizens would have paid for. This would have been my personal expense and one that I think should hold up here too.

I learned many things in my research of various countries. The main one was the language, and I totally understood that! Another common finding, if you couldn't support yourself, you were welcome to move back to where you came from. The other country was not going to support me. It was my choice to go there and it was my responsibility to support myself and my family. No charity!

As I said, there are proper procedures to go through if you want to come to the USA. I personally feel that if you want to come here and not follow the rules, back you go to your country of origin. Many people today are talking about putting a huge wall up. No way. However, I do feel that there needs to be standards. While out in New Mexico, while I didn't go through the main border, I did pass through a secondary border patrol quite a few times. No, I didn't have to show any ID. They asked me if I was an American Citizen, I said yes, and off I went. Oh yeah, an illegal is going to be honest and say no, I snuck through the border.

One of the main problems out there that I saw was being overly politically correct. You couldn't ask someone if they were here illegally if, as in the case of the Mexican border, they looked Mexican. Now, when I was abroad in a few different countries, I got my visitor visa and I was told that at any time, I could be asked to show my papers and to have them ready or I would risk being sent home. I didn't take offense to this. There is no reason to! If you are here legally, show your ID. I thought it was insane out there with being overly political correct. So, yes, the borders are there and I am sure (hopefully) the main border is a little more secure, but I think the secondary patrols should be a little more secure too. Yes, they did x-rays looking for people and drugs, but ID would have been a nice extra step.

I also hear talks about illegals getting driver's licenses! How? If you are here illegally and you apply for a driver's license, you should be sent home! Not rewarded for breaking the laws of our country. If you don't want to show your face for your ID picture, good-bye to you too! We have ID to show who we are, if we can't see your face, how do we know if the person showing your ID is really you? That doesn't take much more than common sense.

I have even read that if you want to get an emergency visa, they need to get to get sponsored by a member of congress and that person has to put a personal bill across congress and they need to get that approved. So, back to the Syrian refuges? How many members of congress have personally vouched for them and fought their bill on the floor? I don't seem to hear any of this going on. So, yes, I welcome immigrants, but the procedures are in place for a reason. There is no reason to circumvent those procedures.

I will end with this. If you want to come to the USA to live, speak the language, accept our customs (if our customs offend you, you might want to look at immigrating to another country), and follow the rules. If you are here illegally, do everyone a favor and go back home and apply to come here legally. If you want to come here for charity, forget about it. Go back home. For those that follow the procedures you must follow, congratulations! Welcome to the USA.

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