Who Are You

The one thing I hear consistently to those that lost someone to suicide is that they were happy and always helping others. They spent so much time making sure that everyone else was happy, but they didn't take the time to make sure that they were ok. It is so hard knowing that my daughter was so miserable with her own life, that she decided to end it.

If you are spending your own life trying to make those around you happy, please, make sure that you worry about yourself too. Do not forget that! It is so important. Do not bury yourself - do not try to bury your burdens. Get the help that you need to make sure that you too are happy with your own life. No family or friends wants to have you only in their memories. It makes life so hard for them. Each day you question so many things. If only starts a lot of our thoughts these days and it is just so hard to know that there is nothing that we can do to bring her back.

Heather gave her love and compassion to everyone she knew. She just never took the time to take care of her own burdens and now she leaves us with a hole in our hearts that aches so badly. It's been just over 2 months and that pain is still there. I don't think the pain will ever leave. She had such a beautiful soul. If only she saw what all of us saw, she could still be here with us.

Please, if you are hurting, get some help. Talk to someone. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. There is nothing so big or so bad that there isn't a solution to your problems. Mental illness, suicide, addiction, they all seem to have the same problem. Hide the problems as long as you possibly can. Don't do that. Hiding the problems don't make them go away. Getting the help that is available to all is the solution.


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