Don't Reach the Threshhold of Pain

When the pain overrides every other thought, that is when so many choose to end their lives. They have given up on hope. Hope is the one thing you can't give up on. When the pain is screaming through your pores, you have to find a way to release the pain. You can find help. You can find a way to work through the pain. You need to find the release valve and let some of the pain out so that you can breathe again.

Every person is different. Some just hide the pain, Some try to drown their pain with alcohol. Some try to get far away from their minds with drugs. The cause is still the same, pain. There are many common traits among those that choose suicide as their answer. How happy they appeared on the outside. How much they wanted to help others. How seeing pain in someone else's life just added more pain to their own hearts. How their physical appearance was something they felt they could control while not being able to control the pain. So many things to bring pain crashing down on a soul and yet, the solution for the pain remained hidden from them.

Hope is the cure for suicide. No matter what else is happening in our lives, we have to fight to keep hope alive. We cannot allow all traces of hope to leave our hearts. Without hope, there is nothing but more intense pain. When I was younger, going on 40 years ago, I attempted to take my life. The one thing I learned? Around the corner, I found hope. Hope that I didn't have to feel in constant pain. Hope that life would get better. Hope, that proved the pain was a lie. I didn't have to feel the pain. I  could get help. I could change my life for the better.

For those that are gone too soon, for Heather, for Isaiah, for Lisa, for so many others, they lost all hope. We can't allow that to happen. In order to help put suicide behind us, to truly have a better life and a better world, we have to allow hope to keep flowing. If we lose hope, we need to do everything in our power to get it back. Where there is a will, there is a way. Don't give up hope, even if it gets hard sometimes.

Knowing who will choose suicide as the answer is almost impossible to know. We can't fight suicide with the unknown. We need to fight suicide with the cure - hope. We need to share to the world that there is always hope. A hope for peace in our hearts. A hope for the pain to ease. A hope for end of suicide. If we can share this with the world, surely we will be sharing this with the people that need it the most, the people that are contemplating suicide. The people that maybe, just maybe, will receive a message of hope that is the one thing that is going to stop them from taking their own lives.


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