Put an End to the Pain

No one takes their own life without feeling overwhelming pain. The pain got to the point where it overrode everything else. The pain was too intense. Most times, the pain was held in. No outlet. If I could say one thing to someone thinking about taking their own life, I would tell you to try to talk to someone about it. Do not hold the pain inside. You won't make it.

So, you think there isn't anyone to talk to? Why do you think that there is no one to talk with? Have you seriously tried to look? Call 1-800-273-8255. 1-800-273-TALK. So, you think it's won't work and therefore, isn't worth even trying? You are wrong. Try! What's the worst that could happen? You will make the same decision? So, you have nothing to lose. Talk. If you can't talk about it out loud, that's ok too. Write it out and share it with someone that can help you.

Please, the choice to take your life is not the answer. The pain that those left behind feel is really unbearable. I have never wanted to feel this pain and the most I can pray for is that others don't have to feel the pain from this loss. If you really understood, through all the pain, about the amount of pain you were going to cause, it's worth the price to at least try to get some help first.

Life changes for the survivors of suicide. Life is harder. Life is sadder. The pain of the survivors is intense. If you are contemplating suicide, please take the extra step and try to get help. There is a solution. It may be harder for some to find, but the solution is there. No one else has to feel this intense pain. No one else needs to lose someone. You are loved and there are people that really care for you.


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