The Lies Will Steal Your Life

 Lies are cruel. When you get stuck in your head, and you don't want to share anything, many times you will also start lying. Each little lie builds up on the next lie and the next lie and so on. The lies all pile up until the weight of all the lies builds up to a crescendo. Eventually, it could all lead to a huge explosion. This explosion could be suicide, this could be excessive drugs, it could be cutting, so many ways it could short out and all come crumbling down.

Part of mental illness is the lying that will happen. You don't want anyone to know how miserable you are feeling, so you just say you're ok. It happens so consistently until you are sure that you can't say it one more time. You can't lie one more time. Part of it is also the fear that you will say it out loud and someone will hear you. I'm not ok. People hide their pain in shame. They lie to cover it up. It is one of the saddest parts of a deadly disease - mental illness.

We need to share that the pain can end. It's not embarrassing to get help. It's not shameful to say I have a mental illness. It is more than ok to ask for help. You could make a call to 1-800-273-TALK for the suicide hot line. You could pray and open yourself to God. You could talk with a therapist. You could talk with a minister. There are options.

The one thing we have to know, is there is nothing at all to be ashamed of. Mental illness is very common and we need to make sure people know that it is good to get help. It's good for people to know that everyone needs some help now and then. None of us is perfect. The result of not getting help can be deadly. There is a way to stop the pain without taking a life.


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