Way Too Many People Choose Suicide

Every 12.3 minutes. Almost 5 every hour. Another loss of a good person to suicide. The rates are only going up so we have to do everything in our power to cut them back. Suicide is not the answer, but it is an ever increasing solution for the mental illness that is spreading through our society at a nightmare pace. The causes vary. Sometimes they are genetic, sometimes environmental, sometimes economic. The cause of the mental illness may vary, but so many times it ends in a devastating loss through suicide or overdose.

If we are going to have any hope of cutting back the number of suicides, we have to look at the cause behind it. While I said there were many causes, we can sum up majority of the causes through mental illness. So many times people try to sweep Mental Illness under the rug. We have to stop doing that and pull out a spotlight. Shine a bright light on the problem and let's work on a cure. Put down the electronic devices and let's start having some real conversations.

I'm not saying I am not guilty of the same. It's much easier at times to live in an online world. You can control things. Keep things safe. But it's time to start sharing what many are trying to hide. Are you embarrassed to have a mental illness? Don't be! Do you know how common it is? There are different figures from different sources, but for a safe average, I would say about 1 in 5 people! 20% of the population.

For how common this is, there should definitely be more focus on it. It doesn't all hide in suicide, sometimes it hides in drug addictions. Sometimes it is hiding in alcoholism. The results of Mental Illness can vary as much as the cures. The one thing I know for sure is that there is not enough exposure. There is not enough open help for those suffering. There is not enough Mental Illness education. Those suffering need to know where to go for help and to know that there is no problem, no embarrassment, nothing, that is more important than getting the help that they need.


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