A Year of Firsts Starts Wrapping Up

I read something on social media the other day that says there are really two basic sides to the grief of losing a child, losing a sibling. There is the side that says, yeah, everything is okay. Then, there is the other side. The side that is screaming in pain. The side that relieves the heartache every day of their lives.

If someone asked me what was the hardest part of the year, well, that was the day that Heather took her own life. If someone asked me what was the happiest part of the year, that would also have to be the same day, but that day was the last time I saw Heather, the last time I would never feel this pain inside my soul. 

Over the year, I have shared a lot of my raw pain with all of you. When I first lost Heather, one of the first things I was told was to keep a journal. After the first year, you go back to the beginning and explore where you have grown. That will show how much, well, I have no clue. Anyway, this coming year will  be my, for want of a better phrase, my Suicide Survivor Exploration year.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 marks the 1st Anniversary of Heather's suicide. We can't turn back the clock and bring her back to us. Some of you are in the same position we are in and our hearts truly go our for your pain, some of you have never known the pain. To all of us I say, please stop hiding depression and the pain. Please share with people so the others also know that they aren't alone. One of the things that kept Heather from getting help was she felt people would think she was just doing it to get attention. The more we share and talk about it, the better the chances that those feeling suicidal will realize that they can get help. They can realize that the pain can end and they can have a happy life. Spread the word. Help Stop The Pain.


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