The Election is Over - Now It Is Up To Us

I am so tired of this election and the aftermath of it. Yes, the election was very close, but there were winners and losers. Maybe you don't like the winners, maybe you do. The fact is, the citizens went out and voted and we the people live with the results. If you don't like the results, make some changes yourself! I am not talking about rioting, I am talking about making some changes in your own lives, some changes in your towns. If you don't like the way something is being handled, then do something about it.

Personally, I didn't care for either presidential candidate. I personally feel that both parties are in need of serious repair. However, because my candidate didn't win, I am not going to riot. I am not going to destroy things because things didn't go my way. That is not productive for anyone. We have a new President Elect and his name is Donald Trump. Accept it. You didn't vote him? Neither did I. You want 4 more years of Obama and the likes? I didn't vote for them either, but ... I am not going to start a riot in my town. That won't serve any productive purpose either.

If the results bother you that much, then go learn what steps need to be taken to run yourself! Start making plans. Not by destroying towns and cities, but by learning and educating yourself. If you are totally against our President Elect and plan on doing everything you can do fight his position, perhaps it is time to find another country to live in.

I also have something to say to those that are very happy with the winner. Stop rubbing the noses in of the losers. Really? Grow up. I think I have seen more posts on social media saying Na Na Na - we won - you guys lost - Ha Ha Ha. Seriously? Maybe you should grow up and start showing the world why you stand with your President Elect. Show your towns and neighbors that you really care. Not by putting the losers down, but by building them up.

We the people do have the power to make changes. We can start with our neighbors and friends and build from there. Talk to the people you know and see what they need help with. Talk to your neighbors. Is anyone really hurting? Help them. Maybe you can't help them financially - but you can help them, sometimes as simply as listening to them.

Let's show the world what Americans really are about. During 9/11, we showed the world that we would stand side by side with our neighbors and help them out. Do we really need another 9/11 to feel like an American? Do we really need another 9/11 to act like decent human beings? I sure hope not. If you like our President Elect or not, he is our President for the next 4 years. What happens after that? Only time will tell. If you want to voice your opinion, then take the steps to make changes. What changes do you want to see in your own neighborhood. Those are the steps that we can make. We can attend our town hall meetings and find out what is happening in our neighborhoods. Stop worrying about who won and who lost and let's start showing the world that we are Americans and that we care about We The People!

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