This Was Not a World Heather Wanted To Be In

I read a very painful article this morning. More of the kids in middle school are opting to take their own life by suicide than die in automobile accidents. So sad! You can click here to see the full article.

There are so many causes and the signs are hard to notice. Look at the smile on my beautiful daughter's face. She hid the pain because she wanted everyone else to feel better. She didn't want to share her pain because she thought people would think she was just seeking attention. No matter how many times I replay everything in my mind, I can't bring Heather back to us. She made a decision and our lives are all changed.

These days, it's like you can't open up the news and here about another person ending their life. So many agree with Heather - this is not a world they want to be in either. They want a world that cares. Next week is the election for President. To me, that's a very scary election. The truth of the matter is that most of the politicians these days have let their greed and corruption take over. The majority of them only care about themselves.

So, how do we change this? The fact of the matter is, no politician is going to save our children. They have proven that time and again. Mental Health and depression are no real concern for them. The elections are based on drama and mud slinging. Why? Because in my opinion, they could care less about change but more about creating drama so they can go off and do as they please - most times on the backs of the people.

I have nothing against people making money - but not on the backs of the people. Heather worked full-time at a group home for mentally disabled adults. She had a heart of gold and she truly cared. Unfortunately, the care of our citizens that need our help are - aides, nurses, fireman, police, etc - well - they get the low end of the stick. They aren't making enough money for the owners, so the pay is awful. By the time you make your car payments, your insurance payments, the gas to drive the car to work, etc,. well, there isn't much left over. People in this country are hurting and yes, raising the living for those caring for our injured and our old needs to change.

Another major cause is bullying. Stop taking these things so lightly. These are big problems. Just recently an 11-year old chose suicide as the answer too. She was a cancer survivor but her smile was off-center as a result. The teasing this girl received caused her to end her life. Click here to read the full article.

We have reached a point in our society where criminals are the ones people look to and the good people are left in the misery. Police are being killed for trying to protect us and keep us safe and their killers are being held up as heroes. Seriously? People pointing guns are being arrested and then entire cities are looted because "Black Lives Matter." Let's get this straight right now. All lives matter. I don't care what color your skin is. If you are a criminal and go to hurt or attempt to hurt someone, you aren't a hero. You are a criminal.

What can we do? We can start by raising our kids. We can start by talking to our kids. The statistics show that the numbers are way too high. I want you to talk to 3 of your friends. I was reading somewhere when Heather took her life that suicide effects 1 out of 4 people. Talk to your friends and ask how many people they know that have opted to take their own life. They opt to end their life, because like Heather, this is a world they don't want to be in. We can't rely on our elected officials. This election has proven all of that to us.

We need to have heart to hearts with those that we care about - our friends, our family, our neighbors. When I was younger, everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood. I'm as guilty as many others - I don't know half my neighbors. We need to change that. We the people can change that. We need to help our friends, family and neighbors. We can't rely on anyone but ourselves.

Today, I want each of you reading this to share this and talk about suicide with those you care about. Tomorrow may be too late. Tomorrow you may be hearing that they too decided they didn't want to be in this world. Talk to everyone. No one is going to stop the spread of suicide until we get our heads out of the clouds and face that this is a real problem. I don't want anyone to feel the pain that we feel, so I keep sharing. Yes, I could share more - but these posts really hurt me - we were too late for Heather. Don't be too late for those you love.


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