I Love Blog Hops

Blog Hops are a great source of giveaways. There are quite a few giveaway hops coming up and I thought I would give them some extra exposure to all of you! Basically, each blog hop is a separate listing of giveaways that you can enter. Needless to say, because most of them end the end of the month, those listings can get pretty long for me.

While I enter the ones I want to win and then take the blog hop off my listing, you can always find them by entering from my listing. After each giveaway, they have a listing, so that is always another good place to check for giveaways. Remember, I choose the products I want to win - whether it be for me (rarely) or as a gift to someone (most of the time).
These are the giveaway hops that I have found so far that start in January. For me, the best way to do these is to try to get entered as soon as they start. That gives me the best chance to take advantage of the extra entries and win prizes!

So, as you can see 1 starts the 14th, 1 starts the 15th, 1 starts on the 16th, 1 starts on the 17th, 3 start on the 19th and 1 starts on the 22nd. Good luck on the hops and get your entries in as soon as they start! Have a great day!

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