Next Prize Received - Star Wars The Force Awakens

I love getting the prizes. You can get them too! I don't do anything special. I am just consistent on my entries. Last night I got the email with my code to download the digital movie of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

My girls are really into Star Wars and I was very excited about this win. It's really nice. They sent me the code and I added into our Amazon Video library. No DVDs, No Blu-rays. Digital! So nice! I've really gone digital in my life and it makes it so much easier. No more putting the movies away in the cases, etc. Turn on the TV and start watching! It's great!

Remember, you can win too! Just get your entries in and follow through. Make sure you check your emails too! Remember, that is how you are going to  find out if you win or not! On that note, best of luck! I will get the listing out today now for the giveaways that are ending tonight! Best of luck to you!

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