Yet Another Win Arrived Today

It really is nice getting presents in the mail. We won the National Geographic Kids Giveaway from Mommy Musings. The prize is a little different than I imagined - one of the parts was substituted. However, the game we got is really nice and while Carter is a little young for it yet, I'm sure it will still get a lot of use.

I was expecting binoculars so at first I thought the game box was just the other explorer pieces inside. It's all good though. While Carter would have had more fun with the binoculars now, over time, I think the game will still get more use.

Either way, the National Geographic Books are excellent. I know as Carter grows he will really enjoy and in the meantime, his Mom, Amy, will be very happy exploring it! I don't think I have ever seen a poor quality anything from National Geographic. It's definitely a favorite site of mine.

Now, go ahead and get your own entries in for the giveaways! Here is my full listing of upcoming giveaways. Go ahead, enter a few!

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