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Bullying Can Have Drastic Results

Bullying is never ok and is one of the reasons that many take their own lives. Some never even make it through middle school before they decide they just don't want to be in this world anymore. Some people will teach their kids that it is acceptable and okay to tear someone else down. When is that ever acceptable? Gossiping is the same way, it tears the person you are talking about down. Why can't we live in a world that builds each other up instead of tearing others apart to make ourselves look bigger and better?

The world has become more and more selfish and no one really seems to care. The only way we can change it, is to make sure we aren't part of the problem. I raised my girls to know that the only time violence was acceptable was in self-defense and I do believe that everyone should know some self-defense. However, using your fists to make a point is nothing more than bullying. The same goes with gossip. If you want to share your latest "dirt" on someone,…

The Best Actors and Actresses Aren't In Hollywood

We hear about Hollywood and how most of these stars actually believe they are worth millions of dollars for their acting. While some of them are good, the best ones in the world are those suffering with Mental Illness and go about their lives helping others and smiling and laughing. The best actors and actresses are in your family, your friends, your co-workers.

There are so many in this world like my beautiful daughter, Heather. She wasn't an actress but she played a role of a lifetime. She worked with the developmentally disabled, she was going to school to become an EMT. When someone called her needing help, she would drop everything and help them. She had a heart of gold. The closing scene of her greatest role was putting a gun to her head and pulling the trigger and ending her life.

No one expected this. No one thought she was hurting so badly that she wanted to end her life. She was a young adult, with her whole life ahead of her. While most of us look at the future and thi…

No Wonder Heather Was Tired of This World

The world today has become a world of the super wealthy versus the people. I read an article recently that 1/3 of residents of New Jersey are living below the Federal Poverty level. New Jersey is not alone in that. Too many are struggling to get through each month, cutting as much as they can from their budget just to be able to keep a roof over their heads and food in their mouths.

Do you want to know why suicides and overdoses are on the rise? I can tell you, quite simply, that most people can't afford to live! They are tired of struggling, knowing that at any given time, another huge increase could mean the difference between getting through each month and not. People talk about cars being a necessity. Yeah, they really help. I don't personally drive because I have back spasms. They are random and I never know when one will happen, but if it were to happen, I would be as dangerous as drunk driver behind the wheel. However, if my back wasn't messed up, I still wouldn…