Bullying Can Have Drastic Results

Bullying is never ok and is one of the reasons that many take their own lives. Some never even make it through middle school before they decide they just don't want to be in this world anymore. Some people will teach their kids that it is acceptable and okay to tear someone else down. When is that ever acceptable? Gossiping is the same way, it tears the person you are talking about down. Why can't we live in a world that builds each other up instead of tearing others apart to make ourselves look bigger and better?

The world has become more and more selfish and no one really seems to care. The only way we can change it, is to make sure we aren't part of the problem. I raised my girls to know that the only time violence was acceptable was in self-defense and I do believe that everyone should know some self-defense. However, using your fists to make a point is nothing more than bullying. The same goes with gossip. If you want to share your latest "dirt" on someone, remember the people that are doing the gossiping are also gossiping about you! What goes around, comes around.

Show the people in your life some respect and pass along some uplifting words and actions. When something happens in your life, in my case, my daughter taking her life, you look at the world differently. I remember when I was younger, people were taught to take their hats off when they entered a room. I remember a friend's Mom saying one time, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Why aren't these rules instilled in all our children today?

Most of the time when I listen to music, I listen to the songs from the 70s that I grew up with. Yes, I do listen to some other music, but so much of the music and the videos are praising violence, rape, abuse, etc. Music can be so calming, and is great for your soul. If you constantly listen to violence in your music, you are teaching your very soul that violence is the answer! My girls tell me that I am just an overgrown hippy - peace, love and rock and roll. I don't think that is a bad thing. The world could definitely use some more peace.

Watch how you dress. No, I am not telling you to dress up every day although many feel better about themselves when they do take the care to look their absolute best. You can be comfortable however you want. However, some styles really leave me questioning our future. Years ago, a trend started in prison. Inmates were not always given clothes that fit properly and belts were not distributed so, pants would slide down. This, in turn, made prison rape more of a problem. Now, not everyone in jail would offer sex to another inmate, but some would prefer that over being raped. Well, those that were willing, would often just wear their pants low past their hips with their underwear showing. This way, there was no actual rape. They were volunteering for it as an easier way for prison life. Today on the streets, many young men are wearing this look. It was made popular, first in the prison system and then by many rappers. Really? If this is really how you want to dress, think about having some respect for yourself first.

Teach your kids to have respect for themselves and respect for others. No, we will not always agree with everyone, but we can talk out of differences without it coming to knock down, drag out fights. If someone is bullying you, talk about it. Don't just hide it. Physical and mental abuse can take a real toll on someone. Remember, most of the time, people that are bullying and talking down about people are really just trying to lift themselves up. Don't bring yourself down to their level. They need some serious mental health help.

Respect yourself and dress accordingly. I have seen music videos of girls dressing and acting like nothing more than a slut. Then, they press charges on the guy that actually goes after them for the sex they are offering! I've heard some people defend these dress styles as "this is what sells the music". If your music was really that good, it wouldn't need sex to sell it.

We can't change the world overnight but day by day, we can each make a little difference in the world. Together, it could build up to a nicer world. When you go outside today, spread some compliments instead of some gossip. When you see someone bullying someone, don't join the crowd and just stand there and watch it, stick up for the person being bullied. Most of the time, you don't know what they are really going through at home and could be really going through some hard times that you know nothing about. Let's all be a little more like the hippies of the past and instead of sharing anything negative, share a little peace and love.


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