I Had a Dream That I Got to Talk With My Daughter Again

I woke up yesterday and I had a wonderful dream. Heather chose to die by suicide on 10/26/15 and everyday since then, I miss her terribly. In my dream, I was talking with Heather. Well, it wasn't really talking but images and sensing what she was telling me and it was amazing. This entire dream was a gift that I cherish.

She told me that she couldn't stay long, she had to go get a special tattoo. I told her I would go with her and she told that I couldn't go where she had to go for it. Now, if you don't know my daughter, she had some special tattoos that she loved, so it's nice to think that she can still enjoy them. Anyway, she said she had to go to Burger King and see an old friend. Her friend had gotten hooked on heroin, like so many others. Through Heather's friendship with her, she got this girl into rehab and clean. She wanted to tell her that she had to stay strong and clean and that she was still watching her.

Now, if that was the only part of the dream, I could really chalk this up to my imagination and my missing her so much, but I will say that it was really vivid and it was beautiful. If the dream ended there, it probably wouldn't be in a post to share with all of you. (Maybe it would have, but only because it was so intense and the thought that I could just see her and visit her was amazing in itself.) The dream did not end there. There were two messages that she wanted me to share.

The next image was like a sports event. Remember, that it was only images, so at parts it seemed like a track event, at times it was like I was going to a swim meet, and then there was a rope - a long thick rope that reminded me of tug-of-war but I really didn't get that part of. There was also a person from back in my high school days. While we are friends are Facebook, it's not like we talk all the time. We like some pictures, say hi now and then, but it's not like we chat all the time together. Anyway, my old friend was in the picture and while I never met his brother, he was there too.

Before I go any further here, I want to tell you that Heather never met this guy and while a few old friends had connected to a couple of friends when I used to play some games on Facebook, he wasn't one of them. Actually, back then, I hadn't even reconnected with this guy. Anyway, I also never met his brother, although I knew he passed away. Anyway, I saw my old friend with his brother at this meet. I got a strong message that I had to tell him he was a winner. Now, I took that to say that I was telling his brother that he was good in Heaven and that his brother was saying hi through me.

Anyway, at that point, I was awake. It was a very intense dream but I had to share the 2 messages before they became a blur in my fog. I gave the first message and spoke with this girl. She informed me that she was clean and was staying that way and that if she ever feels any weakness there, she thinks of Heather and knows that she will never use again. Again, I knew the girl so it just could have been my dream and my missing Heather so much.

I shared the second part of them. This really had no real meaning to me but it was a message I was given so I shared it. I didn't understand the winning part but my friend did. He was at work and told me he would talk to me later, and he did. (Sometimes a work day can last really long - especially when you have a weird dream and someone can tell you what it meant to them and you have no idea and have to wait to find out.)

Now for the part that let's me know that this really was a visit from Heather and truly a gift from God. I spoke with my friend, finally, and he told me his brother had a growth on his gland and that it was cancer and that is what finally took him to Heaven. He told me yesterday that about 3 months ago, he found a growth on his own gland, the same as his brother. However, he didn't tell anyone about this - not even his wife! (I yelled at him for that - always share things like this with your partner in any relationship!) Anyway, he messaged me back and told me that yesterday, he found out that it was not cancer and that he was ok! So, it wasn't his brother that was the winner - it was my old friend - that was a winner against cancer!

I wish the dream lasted longer, but alas, it was over. Maybe one day, I will have another visit from Heather. I hope so. There are many beliefs in the world today, but one of the common ones is that those that die from suicide are no going to make it to Heaven. Well, if that were true, I don't think I would have had that dream. Heather chose to die by suicide and from my dream, I know that she is in Heaven with God and I am very happy about that. There is no questioning anymore from me. My daughter told me so by just sharing that dream.

The first message in the dream could have been my imagination, but the fact that there was an old friend that I really didn't know what he was going through (and no one else did either) to me says that it was a gift. So, what did I get out of that dream? First and foremost, my daughter is in Heaven and one day, I will definitely be able to hug her - wings and all. What else did I get out of it? Well, there are places to get a tattoo in Heaven. Can you imagine? Hmm ... who would do your tattoo? Michelangelo? Picasso? The list goes on and on. So next time you question whether God is real or not, ask me. I will tell you that he is as real as you and I!


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