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Will the Real You Stand Up

Above all else, be yourself. One of the things we know now is that Heather didn't think she was enough. She was insecure and hid parts of herself through stories. Know this and know this well, you are enough! If you want to make changes in your life, that is great. Life is constant change. Just know that whatever you do in life, be the real you.

I was with one guy for quite a while. He didn't change me overnight, but gradually, it got to the point where I didn't even know myself. I was becoming someone else and it wasn't me. So, while you can make changes in your life to give yourself a better life, be sure the changes are for you and not for someone else. Deep in your soul, you know who you are. Be that person. If they don't like you for who you are, it's time to move on from that relationship. Be with someone who brings out the best in you, not someone who wants you to become the best of them.

If you tell one person a story, you now have to remember the stor…

Watch and Share 13 Reasons Why

I am not an affiliate for Netflix. I receive no compensation for sharing this. I am a Mom that lost her daughter to suicide.

I have to admit, there were a few graphic scenes, but they do give warnings about them. Yes, there were parts of this that were very hard to watch and I will admit to sharing some tears while I watched it. However, I will also say, this is very well done and I think every single person should watch this and I would share this with everyone. I'm talking every child, especially once they hit puberty, and watching it with them and talking. Open real lines of communication.

I felt sympathy for the parents. I know the loss and the pain in the heart that they feel. I felt sympathy for the other main characters. I know the pain of losing someone, and I know the pain of thinking that there was nothing left to live for. Yes, this movie will make you think. This movie will leave a lasting impression on you. Yes, you need to watch this.

I can talk about suicide awaren…

Stop Judging Others and Let's Work on Making a Better World for Everyone

Many people are fighting their own demons. Instead of judging these people, how about we work on changing the world to be a better place for all. How do we do this? I'm not really sure, but I do have some ideas. Will my answers be correct? Who knows? I fight my own demons every single day of my life so I'm not sure I am the one to answer this question, but I will give you my opinions.

Who am I that I think my opinions will matter? I have no clue - I am a single Mom that has a beautiful daughter that chose to end her life by suicide. I feel the pain of Heather's loss every day of my life. Yes, I still have 2 beautiful daughters that are alive and well, but that doesn't change my love for Heather. I write this blog as my way of keeping her alive. It has changed some people's mind about certain things, and every life that I save, I credit Heather. There are many things I should have changed in my life in the past, and while I can't undo them, I can share my story…