Watch and Share 13 Reasons Why

I am not an affiliate for Netflix. I receive no compensation for sharing this. I am a Mom that lost her daughter to suicide.

I have to admit, there were a few graphic scenes, but they do give warnings about them. Yes, there were parts of this that were very hard to watch and I will admit to sharing some tears while I watched it. However, I will also say, this is very well done and I think every single person should watch this and I would share this with everyone. I'm talking every child, especially once they hit puberty, and watching it with them and talking. Open real lines of communication.

I felt sympathy for the parents. I know the loss and the pain in the heart that they feel. I felt sympathy for the other main characters. I know the pain of losing someone, and I know the pain of thinking that there was nothing left to live for. Yes, this movie will make you think. This movie will leave a lasting impression on you. Yes, you need to watch this.

I can talk about suicide awareness until the day I die (and most likely will), but this movie really moves a person. This person opens up so much to lead to communication, and maybe save your life or someone that you care about. Heather loved movies. She would watch so many. Perhaps if this was made while she was still with us, I wouldn't be sharing my pain so much. I miss her every day of my life and will continue to do so.

Is there anyone in your life that you would miss with your all your being if they were no longer with you? Watch this with them and talk about it! Open up those lines of communication. Watch the movie and watch the last episode where the actors and producers all talk about the whys of making the movie. Listen. Learn. It's never too late. Together, we can save lives!


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