Giveaway Roundup May 10, 2017

I got done more than I hoped. I guess my listing was already growing beyond my goals, so it was time to cut things back a little bit. Every now and then, I find myself going back to the big group giveaways, and while I have won and you can do well with them, I have opted to stop listing the majority of them. I really do like to get as many extra entries each day and they can take a bit of time. So, while I may enter some now and then that I don't put on my list to go through all the time, I will just go through the entries once and move on. Eventually this list will become more settled, but I am trying to build my main focus on the individual blog giveaways.  Best of luck to you!

Here is today's listing of giveaways that I have rounded up. Remember, the full upcoming listing can always be found by clicking on the Giveaway Listing Menu or by clicking here! Best of luck to you!

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