Giveaway Roundup May 13, 2017

I should just give up making plans. They always go awry, but such is life. All is good. I'm about halfway through my giveaway listing. It will constantly be updated as I am using my list to share. That's why I always emphasize, you should find your own list. They are easy to make. When I first started with giveaways, I just made a document and clicked the entries off of that. Then I opted to make myself a free blog. Not only was I able to have to easy page for me to enter the giveaways through, when someone else clicked on some of my links, I also got some free entries. Yes, eventually, it became, but slowly it evolved into something more. Of that, I am proud, but I do love the giveaways still so I will always keep them as a part of my site.

Here is today's listing of giveaways that I have rounded up. Remember, the full upcoming listing can always be found by clicking on the Giveaway Listing Menu or by clicking here! Best of luck to you!

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