Amazon Review - Creative Thread Organizer

My grandson loves his Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. They were all over our home. I had been looking for some storage for them, and I tell you, some of the cases were, in my experience, way too expensive. After all, they weren't really the toy, they were just something to keep them in to be out of the way, yet handy.

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These thread organizers are perfect. Each one holds 24 on a side. On each side, there is one longer slot that could hold a longer trailer, for example, instead of 2 cars. When he takes it out to play with friends, it's very simple to see if all the cars are in there. A quick glance to see if all the slots are full and we are good to go.

If you have someone that loves playing with the smaller cars, this is perfect for you! (This review is completely my own opinion. I was not paid to review. I purchased the product on my own. If you do purchase through my link, I may earn a small commission which helps keep this site going so thank you if you do!)

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