Giveaway Roundup June 1, 2017

There are over 150 Rafflecopter giveaways on today's listing!

Another month has begun. I didn't really get anything done yesterday besides my listing and cooking dinner. Yeah. It was one of those days, but I did do a lot of playing with cars, trucks, transformers, etc. Such is life. My grandson is my priority over the site. Plus, I've just been really out of it. Everything I am seeing or doing reminds me of Heather and well, that makes it hard for me to actually get something done. I promise I will start writing about suicide soon. I have to snap out of this funk. I try to do my writing when Carter isn't around, because when I write, the tears flow and that gets Carter upset. Back to the giveaways. Good luck to you!

Here is today's listing of giveaways that I have rounded up. First up are the ones that end tonight, followed by upcoming giveaways. Best of luck to you!
Upcoming Giveaways

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