These Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cups Hit the Spot!

These are so yummy! The recipe can be found here on Jamie Cooks It Up. OK, now she made them in one pan and cut them into bars. I love the mini cups myself and if they are the silicone, that's even better! Whatever you bake just pops right out. I ordered one set on Amazon and I love them! Since the silicone pans are very flexible I also put them on my large baking pan. It slides right in the oven perfectly and I can put 2 silicone trays on the same pan! Win-win!

So, instead of baking like they were all in one pan, I sprayed the silicone trays with Pam and baked them for only 18 minutes. I did split the recipe in half and I still got almost 3 dozen mini cups. I also used mini-chocolate chips instead of the regular ones! They came out perfectly!

I must tell you that if you purchase these through my link, I may earn a small commission. I was not paid to tell you about these. I bought these products on my own and love them, so I am sharing them with you!

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