Together, We Can Make the World a Better Place

In Heather's suicide note, she knew that we may think this was selfish of her, but to her, it was selfish to make her life in a world she didn't want to be in. Many others feel the same way. I'll admit, there are times that I don't want to be in this world. There is so much greed. There is so much selfishness. There is so little accountability. I could go on and on.

Trust me. I am far from perfect, but each day I try to be a little bit better of a person. The other day I won the HD digital copy of Disney's Bambi. It's been years since I have seen this. I love in the beginning when Thumper meets Bambi for the first time. Yes, Thumper and Bambi turned out to be great friends. However, in the beginning, they were laughing and all because Bambi couldn't stand up right and Thumper's mom stopped him in his tracks by asking what he was told. "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."

Social media explodes with any and all negativity. Post something negative and watch how many comments it gets. It's shameful because you don't know who that comment could be having a damaging effect on. Post positive instead. Before you hit that post button, ask yourself if this is something nice. Is this something uplifting? It is true?

On the other hand, remember, not everyone wants the truth. I remember one of my girls had a friend. Others were talking behind their backs, and yes, what they were saying was true. However, no one had the guts to say it to the person's face. My daughter did. Do you know your complaining and whining is really putting people off? Their reply was that if someone talks about them, don't tell them. Some people don't want the truth. Some would rather hide in their own world and act like their actions don't effect anyone else.

For me, I would rather know the truth. No, it may not be easy, but at least I could work on myself to make myself a better person. In this case, yes, there are times that I whine and complain. I think we all do. However, I try to look at my life and get to the root of the problem. What am I complaining about? Is it that I hate my job? Well, what type of job would I like? Do I need training for it? Is there something I could do to get a job like that? No, I'm not recommending quitting your job at the snap of a finger. However, if it's a job that you hate, look at what steps you could take to find yourself a job that you want. If it your weight? Are you going to the gym or watching what you eat? Things don't change overnight.

Yes, sometimes there are things that we can't change. For those things, we have to accept them, but we also have to move on. I guess that is one of my hardest. Yes, there were things that happened in my life and I let them have a huge effect on me. No, I couldn't have changed them, but I could've moved on. I could have NOT allowed the circumstance to change me. I used to be a much more caring and trusting person. Over time, you really can question whether anyone is worth your trust. Except that I would miss my girls terribly, along with a very few number of friends, I can understand why some people would want to become a hermit.

I'm basically a hermit myself. Yes, I am online and I love it. But, when things get rough, or people show their worst sides, I just shut down what I was reading online. So, before I close this, I want you to remember Thumper. Before you hit that post button, ask yourself, is that post nice? Is it uplifting? Will it help to make the world a better place? Will it help you make the world a world that you want to live in?


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