Giveaways Ending September 7, 2017

Good morning! First, I want to apologize. I know I really took a lot of time off from the blog, but I needed the summer to get things a little better in my head. Yes, I will continue with the blog, but the giveaways will be a much smaller section. I may add some sites along the way, but I have a lot that I want to do and while I enjoy giveaways, they are just a small section part of all I want to accomplish.

I plan on organizing the Suicide Awareness section some. That will take quite a bit of time because that is a very painful subject for me. I shared the loss of my daughter and losing a child is probably the most painful thing I have ever gone through. While I do that, I want to also start writing some other posts - some posts offering Hope, Strength, and Compassion. Most of you may not get why I chose those 3 sections to focus on. My daughter's name is Heather Suzanne Crespo, so I chose one characteristic from each of her initials. I'm still not sure what I am going to call that section, but my hope is that while awareness is very important, it's more important to show you how to survive awful pain and build yourself a better life.

Here is today's listing of giveaways that I have rounded up. First up are the ones that end tonight, followed by upcoming giveaways. Best of luck to you!

Giveaways Ending Tonight:
\Upcoming Giveaways: 

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