Look Toward Your Goals

Each day is our opportunity to make our world a little better. How? We make some choices and we work to change our life - one day at a time.

For years, I smoked cigarettes. I'm not proud of it, but I did. I tried numerous times to quit - each time, my daughters were nice enough to buy me cigarettes because I was too grouchy. I tried using a prescription. Yeah, that got me so depressed that I had to stop that method also. Years continued to pass and I was still a smoker.

After losing Heather, I came to one strong realization that I wish I had shared with Heather. We can make our choices about what our life looks like. I'm really new at this but I thought I would give it a try. I decided back around October of last year that I wasn't going to be a smoker so I stopped. Each time I wanted one, I told myself that I wasn't a smoker and I really didn't want one. I did have one cigarette on the 4th of November, but then I was vaping. Around the middle of November, I realized that I was just changing one habit for another so I also stopped vaping!

It's now been about 2 months and I really don't miss it. There are times that I think about one, but then I think, yeah - no - I am NOT a smoker! It is working. Now, I am trying to reach more goals for myself. One day at a time I am making changes to better my life. One day at a time, you can too. You decide what your day looks like and work on making it so.

Another goal was to get going again on this blog. It is hard but the hardest part was actually starting. So, I stepped a little out of my comfort zone and started this post. Every day I can make an excuse NOT to post, but the truth is, I do feel better when I do, no matter how hard it is. For now, I will be posting on Sundays. Eventually, that will change to be more frequent.

I'm not sure where my blog is going this year. I am hoping it will be more positive and not as many tears. Don't get me wrong. It's a little over 2 years since I lost Heather and yes, there are still days that I break down and cry just from missing her. Last night was one of those nights. However, I see myself as trying to Help Others stop the pain of depression, mental illness, sometimes just life. So, I will continue. Together, we can each make our lives a little better and maybe, we will all finish 2018 on a much more positive note! That being said, I hope and pray that you have a wonderful 2018. What is your life going to be like? What are your goals?

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