Giveaways Ending February 5, 2018

Are you ready to start building your own list? Start gathering your list of websites that you enjoy visiting. You can see from my listing, I have quite a few websites. Why so many? It means that I can visit a variety of websites and therefore, be exposed and have the opportunity to win at more sites! LOL The easiest way, like I said before, is to join a website like Online-Sweepstakes. You can create your list on a document that you can easily click on, or you can get your own website. It's not hard. I started with a free blogger website - right through my google account. I did eventually register a domain name for it, but that is, I think, about $12 a year. Not a lot. The benefit of having my own page is that I do have the opportunity for extra entries through a referral link. It doesn't cost you anything and occasionally I will get an extra entry in a giveaway. Anyway, on to the giveaways ending tonight and beyond. Best of luck to you!

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